Strømmen Verksted Phase 2

The old Strømmen workshop will be transformed into housing.






Building permit


Strømmen, Norway

Contact persons:

Emil Fjellingsdal, Guri Tveito


Thongård AS


9 850 m²

The buildings form a protective wall in the park area towards the north, shielding from road noise and providing the apartments with excellent sun and views. The terrain slopes down from the roundabout on Sagbruksveien towards Sagelva bridge. This difference in height is accommodated in the building by stepping down in four levels towards the riverbank.

The residential block is six stories high with a continuous passage over two levels extending from the access road in phase 1. Towards the east and Sagelva, there is a seventh floor, which is recessed towards the south, east, and west, similar to the lamellar construction in phase 1. The main material used in the buildings is brick, with color tones adapted to the variations in phase 1. Below ground, between phase 1 and the new residential block, there is a continuous underground parking garage. The design of the park area above the parking areas builds upon the park area established in phase 1 and will serve as a communal recreational area with green spaces, seating areas, and playgrounds for residents in the different phases. The outdoor areas are primarily designed with pedestrians and cyclists in mind.

Phase 2 is currently under construction.