Teglverksgata 12

Conversion of attic into an existing heating plant with residential units as a proposal






Feasibility studie


Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Trine Helle

The building is part of the historic Freia quarter, and there are preservation interests associated with parts of it.

The approach of this proposal is a desire to utilize available urban space and engage in a form of urban repair. Housing on top of this building is one of several exciting possibilities we have considered for its new use. Solutions over two levels are particularly suitable in this case, as the building’s elevator and staircase currently only extend to the first residential floor.

As the illustrations show, we propose a small community on this rooftop, with shared indoor space and an outdoor area around the iconic chimney.

Today, several top floors are used for penthouse apartments for the wealthiest individuals. Here, we propose six smaller apartments and a unique living experience for those with less space needs and a desire for a greater degree of community with others.

In relation to this feasibility study, a new housing report was also developed: ASpace efficient homes with good living quality

The old cocoa warehouse, which currently stands empty, has exciting potential to accommodate other uses or programs.



Climbing hall