A new green arena for activity, recreation, culture, and knowledge exchange in the heart of Oslo city.


Regulation, urban form




Feasibility studie


Tøyenparken in Oslo, Norway

Contact persons:

Kaja Melbye, Mikkel Haavaldsen

The sketch project was developed on behalf of the Oslo Municipality by the City Environment Agency, and the solution includes a new main bath, science center, outdoor stages, and a park corridor that presupposes that Finnmarksgata either be closed or placed underground. The proposed solution also takes into account the plans for a greenhouse on the University’s site. The various outdoor stages, outdoor cinema, and the vision of optimal accessibility to the programmed areas of the park interact with the areas where people create content on their own.

The areas on both sides of Finnmarksgata and the old circus site are turned into a continuous green corridor from north and east to southwest. We have emphasized architectural solutions that create as few barriers as possible or feel foreign.

All buildings become part of the park, and we have retained the routes of established footpaths by creating openings in the buildings. Contributing to unhindered movement without compromising the roles of the buildings has been important concepts. The team at Hille Melbye has worked conceptually on the possibilities of staging a diverse offering.

The goal is to achieve an active environment with a wide cultural offering – cinemas, science centers, activity centers, etc. – which can provide a framework for film festivals, public meetings, exhibitions, music festivals such as Øya, etc. We have created new spaces and enhanced existing opportunities for such events. At the same time, we are facilitating hiking trails, sunny recreation areas, skating, basketball, and other activities. The richness of possibilities lies in Tøyenparken, as we see it.