Hille Melbyes forslag i et parallelloppdrag på en sentrumstomt i Eidsvoll Sundet.


Resident, commersial






Eidsvoll, Norway

Contact persons:

Mikkel Haavaldsen, Kaja Melbye

The client wishes to develop two blocks in Eidsvoll center for commercial and residential purposes. The site presents several challenges due to its proximity to the historically significant wooden buildings in Eidsvoll and its susceptibility to flooding from the river. At the same time, it is crucial for creating a vibrant town center with good urban qualities.

An efficient utilization of the site has been important to ensure the project’s economic viability. The current town center predominantly features buildings of 2-4 stories, and part of this consists of the aforementioned historically significant wooden structures. Therefore, we have extensively worked on volume studies and variations in the heights and facades of the buildings.

On the ground floor, the buildings will cover most of the blocks’ footprints and consist of shops and service functions facing the surrounding streets. An interior passage divides the blocks in two and connects to a small square at each entrance.

From the second floor upwards, we have divided the residences into two classic, urban block structures. We aim for the blocks to visually appear as multiple distinct volumes and have therefore worked on variations in height and recesses in the facades. In further development of the project, we will continue to work on façade materials and explore how we can break up and integrate the blocks to build on Eidsvoll’s identity and harmonize with the characteristic wooden house environment.