We presented our proposal for Borgarhöfði!

Have a nice weekend! This Wednesday we presented our winning proposal for Borgarhöfði for the borgermester of Reykjavik. Borgarhöfði will feature a cultural centre and an office building around a public square in the heart of a new urban development In Reykjavik, connecting to the city centre with a new city line expansion. Our proposal features an all-year and free-to-use meeting place, which will serve as a regional attraction as well as a local community centre. In this way we can offer a holistic approach sustainability, where social qualities go along with ecological aspects in a lively new neighborhood. We are very proud to be part of this exciting development, and look forward to the next phase of the competition with 
Klasi Properties and our Icelandic partners SEN & SON Architects.

Discussing our proposal:

The proposal for Borgarhöfði: